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Company development

1946 The previous officer, Hikokazu Kato, founded Kato Metalworks where machines were produced and repaired.
1951 Converted from coal to fuel oil as the heat source in barley-drying equipment, and continued with the development of oil burners.
1955 Changed the company name to Kato Burner. The engineering, production and installation of burners and their heat control systems were the central operations.
1963 Re-organized as a stock corporation, establishing Kato Burner Co., Ltd.
1965 Began production of gun burners. Also began supplying boilers and dryers to other makers.
1972 Bought up the adjacent industrial site and began operating Facility No. 2.
1976 Embarked on the development of the gas burner, as well as its production and sales.
1977 Began exporting to Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, and other southeast Asian destinations.
Sole Distributor in Taiwan: TAI SHUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.
1986 Reached the 40th anniversary of its founding, and completed construction of an experiment room.
1989 Developed the low-NOX gas burner, and began its production and sales.
1992 Commenced development of a submersed-pipe gas burner with that uses a flouron/ethane-replacement cleansing fluid. Also development of an industrial-use low-NOX gas burner for small-scale boilers.
2000 Attained certification in the international quality control program ISO 9001.
2006 Reached the 60th anniversary of its founding and mounted a special in-house show and exhibit of new products.
2008 Held a new products presentation for:
the air/fuel ratio proportional control gas burner FK-P Series
the self-actuated heat-recovery gas burner PRB