About Us

Quality policy


  • Upon shipping out products we carry out a inspection on them.
    Completed products are subject to inspection by an inspector that examines every unit, including all lines.
  • Traceability
    From the manufacturing number, the model and specifications of products, as well as the types of parts they use, the assembly procedures and the grading card for the shipping-out test they receive, can be looked up and identified, and database management of product data after they leave the production site will be complete and thorough.
  • Response to customers after units leave the production site
    Engineering and sales will work in coordination in order to enhance service.

ISO 9001

Kato Burner has attained certification by ISO 9001, the international accreditation of quality management.

“ Provide the customer with equipment that is more than satisfactory ”

We at Kato Burner keeps this quality policy firmly in mind from the development stage to manufacturing and sales of the manufactured burner.
We take input from customers regarding quality most seriously, and in order to provide still better products we are always endeavoring to build the organization and program for internal quality assurance and management system, and elevate the level of quality.
From here forward, in order to bring still more satisfaction to customers, we aim to make still greater efforts than we have until now.

Everything hinges on the customer’s trust.