The high-reliability lineup of Pilot oil burners.

FB series

  • 200V
  • 100V
  • LPG
  •  light oil
  •  heating oil
  • Terminal BOX
  • Full auto
  • ON - OFF

In comparison to the GPN series, this series has made possible high-intensity combustion with the adoption of a high-output fan and specially-developed housing form. The housing can be inverted, saving space, so it can be installed within equipment or facilities spaces that are too tight for other burners.

FB series


ON-OFF Control
Model Power source Motor Standard nozzle Flange
FB-10 100/200V 0.15kW 2.75G Fixed
FB-14 100/200V 0.25kW 3.5G Fixed
FB-20 100/200V 0.25kW 4.5G Fixed
FB-28 200V 0.4kW 5.5G Fixed
  • The 0.4kW motor is available as 3-phase (3φ) only.
  • When the FB-10 is set up with 200V/ 3φ, a 0.2kW motor is used.
  • When set up vertically inverted, the suffix “R” is added.
  • The spray angle for the standard nozzle used is 60°
Included parts
Oil strainer 8A
Seamless hose 8A×1000mm , 1pc
Oil strainer connector 8A×75mm , 1pc
Manometer 3.5MPa
Usage manual Included
Nozzle wrench, others Included