The high-reliability lineup of Pilot oil burners.

SG-S series

  • 200V
  • 100V
  •  heating oil
  • Terminal BOX
  • Full auto
  • ON - OFF

With the application of a unique combustion head construction and a high-output turbo blower, a short flame has been achieved. This suits it to equipment such as small-scale boilers with restricted combustion chambers and that run under heavy load. Since all the components needed for combustion as well as safety devices have been compactly integrated into a small-scale casing, they contribute to space-reduction of equipment.

SG-S series


ON-OFF Control
Model Power source Standard nozzle Flange
SG-S2 100V 0.5G Fixed
SG-S6 100/200V 1.5G Fixed
SG-S9 100/200V 2.5G Fixed
Included parts
Oil strainer 8A
Seamless hose 1/4×2000mm 1pc
Usage manual Included
Nozzle wrench, others Included
  • Note: The spray angle for the standard nozzle used is 45°B.