The high-reliability lineup of Pilot oil burners.

GPN-P series

  • 200V
  • 100V
  • LPG
  • 軽油
  • 灯油
  • 端子BOX
  • 全自動
  • LO-HI
  • ON - OFF

The GPN-P series is a line of proportional control oil burners developed as a variation of the GPN series, featuring a combination of regulator valve and air control disk which were originally developed here, which make possible the optimal adjustment of the fuel/air ratio within the turndown factor range of 1:3. With the integration of a thermal regulator, a low-high control makes possible the difficult operation of high-precision temperature adjustment.


Air control disc



Damper Motor Driven
Model Power source Motor Standard nozzle Flange
GPN-10PD 100/200V 0.2kW 3.5G Fixed
GPN-35PD 100/200V 0.25kW 5.0G Hinge
GPN-50PD 200V 0.4kW 6.0G Hinge
GPN-75PD 200V 0.75kW 9.0G Hinge
GPN-81PD 200V 1.1kW 12.0G Hinge
GPN-122PD 200V 1.5kW 8.0+8.0G Hinge
GPN-152PD 200V 2.2kW 10.0+10.0G Hinge
GPN-202PD 200V 3.7kW 13.0+13.0G Hinge
Modutrol Motor Driven
Model Power source Motor Standard nozzle Flange
GPN-122PM 200V 1.5kW 8.0+8.0G Hinge
GPN-152PM 200V 2.2kW 10.0+10.0G Hinge
GPN-202PM 200V 3.7kW 13.0+13.0G Hinge
  • The spray angle for the standard nozzle used is 60°
  • The piping arrangement for the oil pump uses 2 pipes (intake and return).
Included parts
GPN-10PD~81PD GPN-122P*~202P*
Oil strainer 8A 15A
Seamless hose 8A×1000mm 2 pcs 15A×2000mm 2 pcs
Usage manual Included Included
Nozzle wrench, others Included Included