The high-reliability lineup of Pilot gas burners.

FK-P series

  • 200V
  • 100V
  • LPG
  • 13A
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Through the right air/fuel mix maintained by its ‘air-loading’ air/fuel control solenoid valve, and the combustion head which produces very stable operation throughout the entire range of its 1:3 turndown ratio, the emission of carbon monoxide is minimized.
To adjust air volume, such inputs as the volume control built into the control panel or the signal from the thermal regulator operate through either the DC blower (in the FK-5RP and FK-10RP models) or the inverter to control the blower rotation speed (models FK-20RP through FK-50RP).
There is no linkage, and initial setup is simple. Outside appearance is unified and compact. Of course as with the full FK line, these feature simple disassembly for maintenance.



Model Output Power source Motor Gas piping Flame detector
FK-5RP 19~58kW 100V 0.02kW 15A 15A F/UV
FK-10RP 38~116kW 100V 0.06kW 20A 20A F/UV
FK-20RP 77~174kW 200V 0.25kW 20A 20A F/UV
FK-30RP 116~349kW 200V 0.4kW 32A 32A F/UV
FK-50RP 193~581kW 200V 0.75kW 40A 40A F/UV
  • F: Flame rod
    UV: Ultravision
  • The 200V power sources are triple-phase (3φ ) only.
  • The output for these models meets the listed value only when the supplied gas pressure for LPG is 2.8kPa and the pressure for 13A is 2.0kP.
  • The heat generation of gas is calculated with HHV (higher heating value).
  • The model number varies according to the gas used: