The high-reliability lineup of Pilot gas burners.

KGS series

  • 200V
  • LPG
  • 13A
  • 端子BOX
  • 全自動
  • ON - OFF

Since this series is suited to facilities placing a high load on the combustion chamber, this group is outfitted with a high-power turbo blower and a combustion head structure matching it.
Since an air filter is integrated as standard equipment they can be used in settings where the surrounding air is bad or dusty.
Their outer appearance is the same as the KGSI series and have been engineered as compact package burners with attention to inspection, maintenance and servicing operations. We ask that you make maintenance requests to us.



Model Output Power source Motor Gas piping Flame Detector
KGS-10 116kW 200V 0.3kW 20A 20A F/UV
KGS-20 233kW 200V 0.4kW 20A 20A F/UV
KGS-30 349kW 200V 0.4kW 25A 25A F/UV