The high-reliability lineup of Pilot gas burners.

KGM series

  • 200V
  • 100V
  • LPG
  • 6C
  • 13A
  • Terminal BOX
  • Full auto
  • Proportion

Proportional control is effected by the control motor that operates the air damper and the gas butterfly valve via a linkage shaft.
The units’ operation is controlled by the thermal regulator built into the control panel, smoothly adjusting the combustion volume according to the target heating temperature.
The ideal fuel/air ratio and the maintenance of a suitable combustion volume contribute to minimized fuel use. The lineup ranges from the smallest 58kW unit (KGM-5), up to the large 1,160kW (KGM-100).


Flame shape
Pilot ignition system


Model Output Power source Motor Gas piping Flame detector
LPG 13A 6C
KGM-5 58kW 100/200V 0.03kW 15A 15A 25A F/UV
KGM-11X 116kW 100/200V 0.125kW 15A 20A 32A F/UV
KGM-16 174kW 100/200V 0.25kW 20A 25A F/UV
KGM-20 233kW 100/200V 0.25kW 20A 25A 40A F/UV
KGM-30 349kW 200V 0.4KW 25A 40A 50A F/UV
KGM-50 581kW 200V 0.75kW 32A 40A 65A UV
KGM-75 872kW 200V 1.1kW 40A 50A UV
KGM-100 1162kW 200V 2.2kW 50A 65A UV
  • F: Flame rod
    UV: Ultravision
  • The power source for the KGM-5 is single-phase (1φ ) only.
  • The output for these models meets the listed value only when the supplied gas pressure for LPG is 2.8kPa, the pressure for 13A is 2.0kPa, and the pressure for 6C is 1.0kPa.
  • The heat generation of gas is calculated with HHV (higher heating value)