The high-reliability lineup of Pilot gas burners.

FK-S series

  • 200V
  • 100V
  • LPG
  • 13A
  • Terminal BOX
  • Full auto
  • ON - OFF

All the components needed for combustion have been engineered into a compact unit.
All its components have been created for maximum space-saving, though aside from its outside appearance, the unique makeup of its combustion head produces a flame with reduced length, suiting it to restricted combustion chambers.
Of course it contains a high-power blower so produces stable combustion. With its divided flame form NOX emission is reduced and contributes to its environmental compatibility.


Fame shape


Model Output Power source Motor Gas piping Flame detector
FK-S2 23kW 100V 0.03kW 10A 10A F
FK-S4 46kW 100/200V 0.03kW 10A 10A F
FK-S6 69kW 100/200V 0.03kW 15A 15 F
  • F: Flame rod
  • The power source for FK-S2 is 100V single-phase (1φ ) only.
  • The output for these models meets the listed value only when the supplied gas pressure for LPG is 2.8kPa and the pressure for 13A is 2.0kP.
  • The heat generation of gas is calculated with HHV (higher heating value).
  • The model number varies according to the gas used: