The high-reliability lineup of Pilot gas burners.

PM series

  • 200V
  • 100V
  • LPG
  • 13A
  • 端子BOX
  • 全自動
  • 比例
  • ON - OFF

Since these units are burning fuel/air mixtures that are mixed ahead of time they provide highly effective heat sources that easily provide complete combustion.The units are compact package burners that incorporate a compound solenoid valve that adjusts gas volume in proportion to the volume of air produced from the blower, as well as safety devices.
Air volume is adjusted by rotation speed control of the DC blower.
Rotation control is possible by a manual volume setting on the separate control panel, or by a signal from the thermal regulator.
The combustion burner’s top, the form of which you can select according to the unit’s usage, is a “surface combustion form” made from metal knit.
The combustion burner top is made up of “metal knit” that is a lattice of flame-resistant metal, and type choices include a flat form and a stick form.


Installation of burner top


Model Output Power source Gas piping Flame detector
PM-40 15~46kW AC100V 15A 15A F/UV
PM-100 38~116kW AC100V 15A 15A F/UV